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The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast with Dr. Paul Etchison

Nov 12, 2018

Dr. Etch discusses what the big 3 is and how they help patients to believe they can afford treatment

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Nov 7, 2018

Dr. Tanoory and Dr. Etch discuss calibrating your team for consistency and how he as a multi-practice doc, has utilized these techniques.

Oct 29, 2018

Dr. Etch discusses one major lesson from being an advertising major, and its application to dentistry.


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Oct 25, 2018

Dr. Markowitz and Dr. Etch discuss how adding specialists to your practice is a great benefit to patients, and can increase your bottom line.

Oct 8, 2018

In this two part episode, Katherine and Dr. Etch discuss how to best approach concerns and conflict with your team members in a way that everyone wins!

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