My Goals…

My goal is to help you grow your practice to be efficient, practically stress free, and profitable. I believe that strong leadership, amazing team cultures, strong systems, and effective accountability measures are the major keys to success. Whatever issues you are having, we will work together to come up with solutions that I know will work in your practice, because I have seen them work in my own.

Who I am…

I graduated in 2009. I opened my start up practice in 2012 and grew it to 3.4MM in 6 years out of 5 operatories. At that point, I was working 3 days/week taking one full week of vacation 12 weeks/year.

In 2018, we expanded to 11 operatories and collected 4.4MM. I’m currently seeing patients just 2 days per week, 3 weeks per month. We are continuing to grow into our new space which has allowed me to test my systems on a larger scale. We have always been nearly exclusively a PPO practice.

Since opening almost 8 years ago, I have enjoyed zero turnover. I have never lost a team member. I strongly believe in communicating with your team and creating a culture that instills ownership into team members to create leaders so that you don’t have to do it all. I believe the team is who will take your practice to the next level, but that amazing teams start with you as an amazing leader.

I believe that your practice should fund your lifestyle but not control it. I also believe that it isn’t very difficult to do, if you know what to do and communicate with your team in the proper and effective ways. I have enjoyed a seven figure take home for the 3rd year in a row just owning a single highly efficient practice. I know many other seven figure dental practice owners and I know you can do this as well.

Lastly, I am myself. I am not rude, but I am real and will be honest with you. You need this from a coach. I speak from real experience and it’s all my own. Rest assured, the things I share with you are not theory, they are tried and true methods for growing a dental practice.

Who I am not…

I am not some amazing superhuman guru. I am a regular dentist just like you. I have taken insane amounts of CE, have read a disturbing number of books, and have spent considerable time with the most successful dentists in our profession, picking their brains. I have taken everything I have learned and created the way in which I run my practice from the knowledge I’ve gained – not to mention the experience of learning things the hard way.

I am not a team trainer, motivator, or implementer for you practice. That is going to have to be you. I will provide advice and guidance, but I cannot turn your practice around myself. You will need to be that person. I am going to teach you how, but I am not going to be the one doing it for you.

My Process

I believe that our entire relationship must be beneficial for both of us. That means two things:

  • You can fire me at any time. Our contract will be month to month. If you decide you are not getting value from what I provide, then please just let me know, and we will shake hands and continue to be friends. If you are not benefiting from my coaching, that doesn’t mean that you dislike me, or that I dislike you. No hard feelings.
  • I can fire you. If you are not holding up your end of the bargain, I will let you know. This means rescheduling or missing scheduled calls, not completing your homework, or not being receptive to advice.

I will start by interviewing you over the phone to get an idea of the struggles you are having.

I will also look over metrics that you have. If you don’t use a metric service, I am going to recommend you use Divergent at the minimal. I need diagnostics to see areas of opportunity in your practice.

I will have you fill out a survey online. I will then provide a link to a survey for each member of your team to fill out anonymously. I will be selective about what I share with you from this survey. It is so I can get a real idea of what the problems are in the practice.

After compiling all of the information, I will provide a detailed report of the issues and opportunities I see in your practice. I will create goals that align with your own. Then, we get to work.

You and your team will also get access to, a website with over 175 videos for you and your team to use to learn and train on your own time.


I will not allow my coaching to interfere with my family life when my kids are home from school. What this means is that I am limited in when I can schedule my coaching calls. I am not a full-time coach, so my availability is limited to 8 hours per week, most often on Thursday and Friday before 4PM, but occasionally on Monday evenings as well.

I am available for email at any time. You can also text me whenever, but I prefer email.

I will provide a link to my online calendar so that you can schedule our calls each month.


The cost of the first month of coaching is $500 + the monthly fee. The extra cost is due to the time taken to take an in depth look at the survey results, metrics, and produce an evaluation and report for your office.

The Monthly Fee depends on the level of commitment you need from me and can be changed month to month. All options for Monthly Coaching include a monthly subscription to This is an online instructional site with over 175 videos and over 50 documents to use in your practice. They also include email support at any time. I will respond to all emails within 3 days. The options for Monthly Coaching are based on the number of phone calls. Each phone call is 45 minutes or less and I will send a summary of what we talked about as well as action items via email after each call. The costs are as follows:

  • One call per month = $1250
  • Two calls per month = $2400
  • One call bi-monthly = $1400
  • One call quarterly = $1500

You can cancel or change your level at any time, but there will be no proration should you decide to do so mid-month.

Site Visits

I do not do site visits for two reasons: one, I value my time and do not wish to be traveling and two, these are often used by consultants to train your team. If I cannot teach you how to train and get results from your team on your own, then you are doomed.

However, I do recommend that you bring your team to my practice in the Chicago area. I have been told that site visits at my office have been one of the most beneficial activities practice owners have ever done for their teams. It really sets an example for what an office can perform like and how a team can work together. You and your team can observe how we work and ask as many questions as you want to my team and myself. Each team member will shadow their respective position and see how our systems and efficiencies work in real time.

Please note that this can be disruptive for my practice and my team as we are often very busy, so I must limit the number of people you bring. No more than 1 dentist, 1 hygienist, 1 assistant, and 2 office staff. The cost for this visit is $1500. These can only be scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.

If you think you and I will be a good fit and would like to give it a try, please reach out to me about sending a contract. If I have space, we can get started right away. If not, I will add you to my list and reach out once I have availability. I only take on 5 clients at a time as I very much value my work/life balance and don’t need another job. I do this as a passion! It is something I truly enjoy!

Best of luck and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Next Steps…

I always welcome my fans to reach out to me! I look forward to connecting with you!