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Abundance and Growth with Paul Etchison

May 24, 2021
Are we looking at growth through the incorrect lens. We need a paradigm shift in our thinking. If we want to grow, we need to think abundance. Dr. Etch explains how in this episode.  ... Read More
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Enjoying Dentistry Again with Eric Block

May 17, 2021
In this episode, we talk about burnout, therapy, and the stresses of dentistry and what to do about them. If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, Dental Business Training by... Read More
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My Hacks for GSD with Paul Etchison

May 10, 2021
Dr. Etch discusses how he uses multiple techniques and apps to keep organized and get things done in the most efficient way possible while maintaining his sanity. Read More
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Structure is the Foundation with Stephen Markowitz

May 3, 2021
Today we talk to multipractice owner, Dr. Stephen Markowitz about his recent acquisition and how he eases the transition and his process for growing the office.   If you are ready to take your practice... Read More
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Begin with the NOW in Mind with Paul Etchison

April 29, 2021
We are always told to begin with the end in mind, but is is realistic? In this episode, Dr. Etch explains how beginning with the present, will allow us to get to these end point... Read More
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