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Staying Above the NOISE with Paul Etchison

November 15, 2021
We all want to get away from all the little things that go on at our practice, but it is challenging as the leader. It’s hard to be present when away from the practice, when... Read More
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Keeping WORK at WORK with Paul Etchison

November 1, 2021
We all take work home with us which affects our ability to be present. in this episode, Dr. Etch discusses something that happened recently at the practice and some strategies to leave it at work. Read More
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EXPANDING to 15 OP’s with Colin Lathrop

October 25, 2021
Ever thought you might want to expand to a larger single location. In this episode, we talk with Colin Lathrop who did just that. He gives us some insight into the working and the how. Read More
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Stop Saving, SPEND IT ALL with Paul Etchison

October 18, 2021
Is our ambition to save keeping us from enjoying life now? Do you ever wonder when it will be your turn to relax and live your best life? In this episode, Dr. Etch explores the... Read More
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