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3 Day Clinical Week with Tarun Agarwal

February 11, 2020
Wouldn’t life be great if you only saw patients just 3 days each week. It’s possible, and your business may just grow faster with you practicing less. T-Bone and Dr. Etch discuss their different stories... Read More
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DBM – What CE should I Take?

February 6, 2020
You know you should take CE…but where to start? Dr. Etch and Dr. Bhullar dive into this topic on this edition of Dental Business Mentor Dental Business Mentor Copyright 2020 Dental Business Mentor Read More
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Living, Learning, and Leadership with Craig Spodak

January 27, 2020
Are you ever envious of other dentist that seem to “Get it”? What is that secret sauce? Dr. Spodak shares his lessons about practice ownership, leadership, and the lessons he’s learned over his career. Bulletproof... Read More
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Getting the Culture Right with Allison Lacoursiere

January 13, 2020
Sometimes to have that amazing practice we’ve always dreamed of, we need to put our energy in the correct place. Too often, we focus on products, techniques, and clinical courses, but we don’t spend enough... Read More
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DBM – When Should I Buy a Practice?

January 9, 2020
When is the right time? Are you considering being an owner? Listen to this episode first! Dr. Etch and Dr. Bhullar discuss what to consider and when the best time to jump into ownership is.... Read More
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